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Why Choose Us?

Rob Lunny, the owner of Lunny Building Diagnostics, is considered an expert in EXTERIOR CLADDING SYSTEM EVALUATIONS & WATER MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES. Rob has been in the construction industry since the early 1980’s and has performed all aspects of construction from pouring the foundation of a house, installing exterior cladding systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing installations.

Rob is also a retired home inspector who has performed over 15,000 home inspections and understands the science behind the construction of a wall system. Rob now focuses on the exterior cladding systems of homes. Rob knows exactly what to look for to help protect your home from water intrusion.


The decision to Buy or Sell a home is monumental.
Lunny Building Diagnostics deals with all aspects of environmental services when it comes to the purchase or sale of a home.

It is Rob’s belief that safety is the number one reason environmental inspections and services should be provided to clients selling or purchasing a home.  Lunny Building Diagnostics are experts in the inspection field. Below are just some of our certifications and experience:

  • EDI Level II & Moisture Free Warranty Certified Stucco Moisture Intrusion Specialist
  • GAF Steep Slope Certified
  • Member in RCI, AWCI, EIMS & Building Science Corporation
  • Infrared Thermography Certified
  • Retired ASHI inspector (20 years of experience)
  • PSMA Certified (for over 20 years)

Along with safety, comes quality inspection & installation procedures. We are neat, clean and professional on every job. We are fully insured and comply with all environmental standards and codes. If we need to enter a home tarps are laid or shoes are covered. The stress of buying or selling a home affects everyone a little different and relaying the environmental information in a factual manner is key to our clients to understand what is happening with their home.

At Lunny Diagnostics knowledge is everything, the owner Rob Lunny continues to expand his knowledge and stays up to date on all environmental issues that can affect the purchase or sale of a home and to provide the most accurate information possible to his clients.

Rob Lunny

EDI & Moisture Free Warranty

Certified Stucco & EIFS Inspector

Member AWCI, GAF Steep Slope Certified

Building Envelope Moisture Intrusion Analyst