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Lunny Building Diagnostics provides Certified Stucco Inspections and Stucco Moisture Testing on homes and building exterior cladding systems with hardcoat stucco, stone, EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System) and brick. Lunny Diagnostics is certified by EDI (Exterior Design Institute) and Moisture Free Warranty Corporation.

Every inspection begins with a visual survey of the area and photos are taken. Then an invasive stucco inspection is performed, which is the most effective way to test for water intrusion. The condition of the stucco system, exterior sealants, flashings, windows, doors, roof-to-stucco transitions, parapets, gutters, deck-to-building connections, stucco terminations and any penetrations through the stucco system are all thoroughly examined during our inspections.

Invasive Moisture Testing

Most moisture issues stem from water that gets trapped between the sheathing and the cladding of the home on the exterior side of the wall cavity. Holes are drilled into the stucco at an inch apart and then a Delmhorst Moisture Probe Meter is inserted to measure the moisture levels within the substrate. These holes are immediately caulk filled, are undetectable and WILL NOT cause any further damage to the home.

Thermal Imaging Testing

Thermal imaging is used in specific situations. There is an advantage of using an Infrared camera to detect leaks. This camera imaging can detect the difference between moisture and building materials long before it becomes an obvious visual problem. This is very effective in EIFS homes. Thermal imaging alone will not give detailed information of what is happening behind the cladding system.

Forensic Building Envelope Evaluations

Through analytical and investigative techniques, we are able to identify, collect, and examine the building system, while providing photo documented evidence of building envelope failures. These failures can be caused by poor workmanship, design and product defects or products reaching the end of their life cycle. These failures can result in water intrusion, mold, structural damage, and other serious problems. 

The Report

Every inspection is followed up with a clear and detailed report of all findings, labeled photos and recommendation for remediation. We do NOT perform any remediation or repair work. We are not stucco remediation/installation contractors so there is no conflict of interest. We are certified leak detection experts who provide and unbiased, professional, third party reporting on the condition of the structure.



A properly installed exterior cladding system can provide many years of protection from the outside elements. Improper installation of these systems can allow moisture penetration to occur behind the cladding and cause deterioration to the interior wall system.

The only way to determine if excess moisture penetration is occurring is by doing a thorough system evaluation that includes invasive testing.